This is the centerpiece of my Homepage.

To make Navigation easier I made categories for  the different types of models. You may use the buttons on the left to browse the different categories. Also there is a small table on the bottom of the page where you'll get an overview.

Have fun watching my models!

Category Number of models Last
Panzers I and II and Variants 4 08/02/08
Panzers III and IV and Variants 5 06/01/09
Panzers V and VI and Variants 4 10/01/09
Captured Tanks, including Panzers 35(t) and 38(t) 2 04/03/09
Pre-war Tanks, rarities and projects 2 08/02/08
Reconnaissance tanks and other wheeled vehicles 2 08/02/08
Armored personnel carriers and other halftracks 1 06/01/09
Towed artillery 1 08/02/08