Some detail pictures without comments

The frontal armor and the upper glacis plate The front left mudguard The ballmount for radio operator's machine gun
The rusted mufflers The hatches of the radio operator and the driver seen from below The fixtures for the periscopes inside the commander's cupola
The hatch of the commander's cupola The jack The opened loader's hatch
The smoke grenade thrower The smoke grenade thrower from behind The turret roof
The turret without roof Details around the drivers hatch The right forward Bosch-light
One of the six S-grenade launchers The Feifel aircleaning device The fireextinguisher
The righthand fender The box for the track-changing tools The rear right mudguard
The box containing the filters of the Feifel aircleaning device Details on the turret's stowage bin The adapter for the engine starter

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