In fact there's not much to say about me.

I was born on August, 4th 1966 in Stuttgart (Germany) as a youngest son with 4 older sisters and, as far as I can remember, my first spoken word was "TANK" (although within my family probably a certain disagreement prevails over that word).

I work and live in Stuttgart (Germany) together with my wife and our cat.

Like many other modelers I began to build various models as a child, most of the times those were tanks in 1/76th scale by Matchbox. I lost interest in modeling as a teenager and came back not before I was 30 years old. Nowadays I concentrate on building models of German tanks of World War Two.

Contrary to the current fashion of "weathering", which means to show dirt, mud, scratches or damage on the models (which is, in my opinion, grossly overdone in many cases), I try to build my models as if the just left the production line, or at least like they just came out of a heavy rain.

On one hand for me it's much more fun to actually build the model than to paint it. On the other hand I think a model of a clean and undamaged tank shows much more of the finesse and the details of tank design and the different variants.