In this category you’ll find tanks which were built apart of the Panzer I to VI series in smaller numbers or even some tanks that only existed as prototypes or drafts.


Early tank developments

Despite the treaty of Versailles Germany began in the 20's of the 20th century to develop new tanks. To deceive the allies those vehicles were given names like "Landwirtschaftlicher Versuchsschlepper" (Agricultural Test Tractor), "Grosstraktor" (Heavy Tractor) or "Neubaufahrzeug" (Newly Built Vehicle). The purpose was to gain knowledge in constructing tanks, the main focus being the suspension.

The German-Soviet Treaty of Rapallo granted the Germans the right to test the vehicles in Kazan, Russia. There the Germans were able to gain experience in tank-warfare and began to develop tactics for the military use.

The only type of these tanks to be deployed in a combat zone was the „Neubaufahrzeug“. Probably three were sent to Norway to show the British troops the fact that Germany already possessed and used heavy tanks.


Prototypes and projects

During the Second World War German engineers planned some remarkable tanks, most of which however did not overcome the planning phase. Under the planned projects were for example tanks with a weight of 1500 tons, which should be armed with naval artillery.

Some of these projects however were developed further up to prototype stage.

Among them is for example of the Panzer VIII "Maus" [“Mouse”]. The “Maus” was developed by Porsche and weighed 188 tons. It was armed with a 12.8 cm gun and a co-axial 7.5 cm gun and its armor was up to 250 mm strong. Only one prototype was completed with its turret and is exhibited today in the tank museum of Kubinka (Russia).

The E-series was an interesting attempt to standardize German tank production. Chassis in the weight classes 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 tons were developed on whose basis then the most diverse armored vehicles or battle tanks could have been built.

Some chassis of the heaviest tank (E-100) without turret were finished at the end of the war.

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