Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my homepage.

I'll use this site mainly for showing pictures of the model tanks I've built. Please note that you'll find many pictures but only a few remarks. There are so many building reviews available on the internet, that's why I only make some comments where it's really necessary. But if you have some questions, please contact me.

I build German tanks, military vehicles and guns from the era of the Second World War, most of them in 1/35 scale, sometimes also in 1/15 or 1/16 with remote control.

I would like to point out that I dissociate myself from any right-wing ideologies. The models and vehicles illustrated here do not serve the glorification of the Second World War, the Third Reich, the Wehrmacht, nor the Waffen SS.

Visible symbols of political or military organizations of the Third Reich on my models only serve to sustain historical authenticity.

Here are the latest updates:

10/01/09 I removed the "workbench" since I was not able to update it on a regular schedule.

The Jagdpanther which has been on the workbench now has its own page.